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81st Subway Station


I bought a game called Earthopoly in the shop at the museum then we caught the subway train C back to the bus station and then got a bus home to New Jersey where our apartment is.  We are staying in West New York.  The bus goes underneath a giant tunnel under the Hudson River.


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Samurai Swords


I took this picture of Samurai swords for Sensei Graham who teaches me Jujitsu and weapons class.

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Models of different peoples


I really liked the models of old towns and cities – this one is Peking now called Bejing in China.

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Dinosaurs and Reptiles


This is one of the dinosaur rooms.  I imagined that they may come alife and step on me or fall off the roof and squish me.  But they didnt – phew!

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Huge meteorite


You should have seen how big this meteorite was.  Part of it is made of iron and it felt really smooth when you touched it.

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American Museum of Natural History


I wanted to go the museum of natural history to see if it was the same as in the film.  It was better than what I thought it would be and bigger.  I couldnt find the little cowboy men figures but I did find some other small figures.

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My first view of Manhattan


My first day in New York we walked to the place where we could catch a bus into Manhattan.  This is my first view of the skyscrapers when we came to the end of the walk.

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